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Decide who you want as your perfect renter, then put yourself in their shoes when writing your classified ad. What would they want to hear?


Writing A Killer Classified Ad

Follow these recommendations to create a killer classified ad that will get at least 200% more attention than a regular ad.

First of all, your ad must have a good headline. Your ad must stand out from the rest (and please DO NOT use capital letters to accomplish this). 

Goldfish WelcomeThe headline can be off the wall such as:

"Must rent. Going to Jamaica"

"Goldfish welcome!"

Or simply show an important benefit to the reader such as: 

"Show Off Your New Home"

"You'll Love It Here!"

Secondly, make sure you address your readers needs. What I mean by this is put yourself in the shoes of your potential renter. What are they looking for - safety, privacy, a clean home, etc... And don't sound like a typical ad. Remember your target market are people and talk to them as such.


Third, make your ad as long as it needs to be.  If you advertise in the newspaper, you pay per word or per line, but with online advertising, there is usually no limit to the amount of words you can use.  And use lots of adjectives such as "sunny patio" and "bright kitchen".

Fourth, leave your reader with a feeling of emotion so they are drawn in by your ad.  Create a desire and a picture in their mind. Examples:

"Enjoy the sunset as you relax on your spacious and covered patio"

"Relax in your private, fenced back yard"

"After a long day, soak away the stress in the 2 person bathtub"

Killer Samples of Classified Ads

So when you put it all together, you'll end up with a pretty killer classified ad such as this:

Sit in the cool of your fully fenced back yard as you enjoy the sunset. Quiet, yet close to schools, shopping, and bus. Two bedrooms plus den including large master bedroom with private ensuite. Bright and clean. Only $710 per month. Call Jane at 626-2828 and come home.


Be proud to show off your new home! Spacious and bright one bedroom condo in quiet, safe complex. Professionally designed and tastefully renovated. Perfect for retired or semi-retired person. Walking distance to river. Only $700 per month including laundry. Call Sue at 222-5858.



► Place a "For Rent" sign in the window (seems like an obvious one but many Landlords fail to do this).

► Ask the Tenants moving out if they know of anyone looking for a place to rent.

► Let the neighbours know.  Maybe they have friends or family that want to move in next door.

► Talk with your friends, family, and even coworkers about the place you have for rent. Mention it on your Facebook page and Twitter.



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